December 9, 2011

aquariuslove07 said: Sorry if this is too personal to express, but what is it that you believe is after this life? I personally believe everything is infinite & your energy you gave this world lives on- & you leave your physical body here & go to a different 'dimension' I say dimension because due to the law of vibration we are vibrations & sound-& every dimension there is relates to all musical 13 octaves. Anyway- that may sound a bit elusive- but I'm very curious on your thoughts- (Apologies if this is upsetting)

It’s not…..I have no idea…..I think it’s weird to guess ya know? Cause you never know….why focus on death so hard…focus on living…and what’s going on right now…but I guess I believe that you just die! like that’s it…maybe your energy is redistributed since energy cannot be created nor destroyed….so yeah!