April 18, 2012
Don’t Say It Back

I am quite good with words

Not in a bragging way

But I have a way of saying things

You do too

I enjoy your words

and the feeling it brings

So I told you a secret

To see how you would respond

I wasn’t happy with the result

Things gotta little crazy

I overreacted

It’s probably all my fault

But with my hindsight

Which is way too clear

I had a realization

Our whatever this is

Is probably better off

without your verbalization

I don’t wanna hear you say a word

Except for when you talk about

Ya know ;)

But I’d rather just play with your hair

As you stare at me funny

And I get caught up in your eyes’ glow

I’d rather kiss you a few times

and have you tease me

And keep pulling away

I’d rather just sit by you

In perfect silence

For an entire day

You can yell at me

Like you always do

I won’t say a word

You can throw bigger tantrums

Cry over spilled milk

Make angry sounds that are absurd

I’d sacrifice everything

Do anything

Just to get us back on track

I know this might be crazy

But all I’m asking you to do is

Don’t say it back

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