April 22, 2012

I’m not sad

I just get a little lonely

Trying to make sure

These memories aren’t phoney

Don’t wanna forget

All the things you showed me

Gun to my thoughts

“It’s loaded! See?”

But I can’t

Elysee needs a role model

But is it pushing forward

If you hobble?

And the road

It only gets longer

And it’s not like

I’m getting any stronger

And you kinda lose yourself in it all

While your morals only get wronger

But that’s a choice, right?

That’s my blind sight

I choose to live this life 

By not His, but my own might

So I’m not a Christian?


And I’m not a sinner?


So don’t try and figure me out

Unless I get any thinner

So I’ll keep my chin up

which will probably put My wins up

Cause I decide the fullness of my own cup

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