April 28, 2012
THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU…..unless you think it’s about you


I don’t give a fuck

I’ll take the insults, broken hearts, lies

by the truck

Oops I forget to load

Now that’s some wordplay

Guess my carelessness

gives me another day

Powered by Irony

Chained by sarcasm

Comforted by Agony

Enthralled by your orgasm

You don’t get it do you?

As much as you can hate

I can do better

I fill my own plate

So…how long we gonna do this?

Pretend to not to talk?

You pretend to have a good time

As I continue to stalk

Yes! I used that word

Cause that’s how I feel

since you refuse to let me in on even the basic of levels

None of this shit feels real

So let’s continue to shout

Let’s continue to pout

"I wanna be you’re friend"

Yet you let me walk out.

"But you didn’t try and stay?" 

Cause you didn’t say a word

I can’t beg you to care

Don’t you think it’s a little absurd

I want to be your friend

Did you hear that

I said your friend

Can you believe that?

I guess not….

so continue on for what is it?

4 months

That sounds about right for you

to put on a front