April 22, 2012
I’m not high……you’re just depressing

I may seem above the clouds
but its because you’re beneath me
My eyes are bloodshot red
from watching you live your meaningless life
its truly tiring

You go on with the same routine: Call me, get mad, disappear, repeat
yet your head never gets cleaned
matter o fact he told me your head wasnt what it seemed
and i hoped that it just might be a dream
but no you did what you did
he got what he got
i heard what i heard
and you made dame sure i saw

not gonna lie
kinda left me me in awe
you expect me to take news like that shake it off
hahaha i know you its sin repent repeat
you act all goody for a while then
back on your heathen feet

curse the very day we did meet
remember you had a tear in your eye
wasnt for me
for another guy
but after a couple of weeks
i was your new sweetie pie

but not even whipped creme could unbitter
our relationship went straight down the shitter
you’re the coolest cat i know
dumped me, got a new litter

said it was my fault, i was the quitter
so u were off to him, something better
and those new pillows my mom got
they got wetter
had a couple rough months
they call it under the weather

but suns back up
and im smooth like leather
phone rings
caller id sings
its a familiar tone
but you try to add something new
sorry baby girl but fall out boy cant sing the blues
you’re song is the same as last

you’re hooked on the past
and im still the world’s largest ass
so please dont try to paint my hand red
cause those foolish thoughts came from your head
how do i know?
he told me so
so please
hang up dont call again
we dont gotta make a show
cuz when i talk to you
im no longer progressing
and you say the only thing i do for u is supressing
those old memories
my speech is slurred
my thoughts are dumb

You ask
are you high
no you’re just depressing